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ROMP RGX Goggles: Shred Japanese Pow With Asian Goggles!


All this Japow footage right now is getting me jealous. How can I experience Oriental snow storms in balmy BC right now. Sometimes you just need to look at the world through rose coloured Asian goggles. ROMP is a snowboard company known as the Forum or Volcom of Korea. They mainly make outerwear, but were kind enough to lend a pair of goggles for review.

ROMP has only two goggle models: the RGX for big faces and the Bluebird for small faces. Because my enormous cranium forever destroyed my mom’s sex life during birth, I got a pair of RGX to demo. They are your standard style of large interchangeable lens goggles. They have a big fit with good peripheral vision and their low light lenses brighten up the darkest day. As far as anti-fog, they’re not as reliable as the benchmark Smith goggle. These have the option of interchanging lenses, but it’s not like many of the 10 second lens changes you get with a bunch of goggle manufactures today. With the RGX, you have to peel the frame of the tabs in the lens. It’s more of a 3 minute job.

One thing that stood out is though I repeatedly dropped these goggles onto their lenses, they never scratched. I did some research and found out that ROMP puts a hard coating finish on their lenses which “..helps prevent scratching and prolongs goggle life.” I wanted to give these a true test so me and the goggles took a trip to the local dog kennel. I coated the lenses in honey and found their biggest lens destroyer they had – a 160 pound Newfoundlander.


The dog sniffed at the lenses for a few minutes, licked, and then started chomping. After becoming a dinner plate for a slobber machine, the lenses didn’t show that much battle damage. Once the slobber and hair was washed off, they were still in one piece. No punctures, no lens foam or vent damage, and no coating smearing from the dog saliva. Only scratches from where he sunk his teeth in.

ROMP makes a durable goggle that you can get for just over a hundred bucks, they’re great in low light, have good peripheral vision, and can protect your eyes from a 160 pound dog attack. Even if you couldn’t make it to Japan this winter, you can still look like you did.



You can see a few teeth gouges on the lens, but otherwise she’s all good. 




The Breakdown

Lens Interchangability

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