REVIVAL – Dash Longe Drops some Gold from the Cutting Room Floor


As one of the most well-rounded skiers from the TGR crew, Dash Longe has maintained a noteworthy presence in their films for about a decade and a half now.

Longe’s skiing speaks for itself, and it looks like he’d be fun guy to have along on a backcountry ski trip.

This REVIVAL edit gives us a look at Dash’s favourite moments from 2015, not all of which made it into TGR’s full length features.

With great music and some of the most progressive skiing in the game, REVIVAL might just make your Monday morning.



From Dash:

“For athletes who have chosen to engage in capturing and representing their idea of what is possible through film, it is hard not to become quite attached to the footage they dedicate their lives to. For me it is a constant process, winter by winter, waiting patiently for the perfect moment to emerge so I can release my imagination upon the mountain. The work put into each shot can be quite extensive and hours upon hours are spent visualizing how the execution of a maneuver should look to a viewer and even how the shot should look on screen. For a creative perfectionist, it can be quite a draining experience when things don’t turn out the way they are envisioned. Once ideas are brought to actuality the feeling is unexplainably rewarding. This compilation of recorded ski footage is an attempt to revive the fantasy that was my goal two winters ago.”


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