Snowboarders get all the chicks.

Resorts of the Canadian Rockies Purchases Tinder LLC

RCR buy Tinder

RCR buys Tinder

Resorts of the Canadian Rockies (RCR) has announced the purchase of the ‘dating’ app, Tinder LLC for $6 million Cdn.

Murray Edwards, RCR CEO, saw an opportunity to expand the business when micro-analyzing the inefficiencies of pairing people from the singles line to fill chairs, noting the long lines and missed seats.

“We noticed a lot of people were too shy, afraid of misunderstood park skiers or just not paying attention and many chairs were left unfilled leaving approximately 12% of the chairs unfilled.

Considering most of the users were distracted because of posting their latest hopeful-Instabanger, it was a logical step to utilize cell phones to fix the issue.

It’s a win-win. We increase upload capacity without investing in infrastructure and lonely ski bums get up quicker and may even find a partner for life…or that week.

Snowboarders get all the chicks.

Snowboarders get all the chicks.

We’ve simply added a few lines to the Tinder UI to make it work for us. Along with the classic dating info we ask that you fill out categories like days skied, favourite run, if you ski or snowboard (or go both ways) and if they’re feeling a little more up front, men can list their din setting.”

A recent beta test on mountain offered some interesting feedback. One man matched with a single woman who was already matched with another fellow but considering it was a three person chair and everyone was in a good mood, they decided to go for it.

“She was with another guy and they invited me in. It was something I usually don’t do, but we were all having fun so I went with it. It was a different ride and things don’t all fit the same but you just have to think about who is on which side and going up the chair with a snowboarder works just fine.”

Future plans include a Plus pay option that offers infinite perks like priority parking, your own singles line and priority choice on matches.

RCR looks forward to swiping right up the lift with you in 2018!


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