Rad Gear Quickie – G3 Scala Skins

“What the hell are those things all about Felix?”

When I role up to the parking lot with the G3 Scala skins on, that’s the first remark I get from my ski partners for the day.

With what looks like fish scales slapped onto the tip of my skis, I get where they’re coming from. But despite their thought provoking look, these skins also serve technical advantages.

The idea is that for the area of the ski that isn’t normally making contact with the skin track whilst on the move, might as well add a material that gives more overall glide rather than slowing ya down.

If that doesn’t make any sense to you, here’s a fancy propaganda video from G3 starring the rugged Evan Stevens explaining the skins better than I ever could:

What I can bring to the table though, is some fancy photos of the skins taken with cute dogs to drive up viewership:


My favourite ski pal ever, Ulu, posing with some picturesque skins


Here is my homage to the master of product placement shots: Lee Lau

At the end of the day, skins are quite similar in nature. They’re either nylon, mohair, or a mix of the both so it’s cool to see a bit more of a product differentiation going on here with the addition of some scales into the mix.

I’ve put in about 15 days on the skins so far and they haven’t let me down so there must be something good going on here eh?

If you’re looking for the latest and greatest in uphill skiing technology, take a peek at these puppies. It’s better than a kick in the nuts.




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