Outdoor Research Lodestar Sensor Gloves – Gifts To Give’er Day 1

Tis the season to give, but always remember to give’r too eh. With 12 days till Christmas Eve, we’re coming at ya with daily gear ideas to give or just to give’r with. First up, we scored some Outdoor Research Lodestar Sensor Gloves, and gotta give a shout out to this quality option for a lightweight touring glove. The leather palms make it easy to grip it and rip it, whether that be your ski poles or whatever other weird things you might be doing in the mountains. They’re a simple design with a big handy pull-loop for getting them on in a hurry so you can get ahead of the slackers at the skin track transition.

We’re not totally sure what the 3D Fit technology is, because we’re pretty sure every glove tries to fit real life 3D hands and not just 2D pictures of hands. But I will say they fit well, so maybe they’re onto something here 😉

I’ve had some fun with the touchscreen compatible finger tips, ’cause if you didn’t Instagram it then did it really happen? My fellow skiers gave me a hard time and reminded me every glove is somewhat iPhone compatible if you just hold the main button and make Siri do all the work for you. Still, you can’t trust Siri to get the job done most of the time, so a win for these gloves.

No complaints yet, other than I can’t find them! It’s been a busy, snowy winter. But as soon as they emerge from one of my day packs, they’ll be back in action for the rest of the holidays. Two thumbs up, no pun intended.


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