Northern BC Is Going Off?


Want no crowds?  Big Terrain?  All you can eat pow?

From Brian Hall who owns the Storks Nest Inn in Smithers at Hudson Bay Mountain “Toured at the ski area today. 45cm fresh.Minus 10. Was getting faceshots skinning uphill“. The forecast for Northern BC for the next couple of weeks looks decidedly good for pow and for temperatures. Shames is forecasting 48cms over the week to the next weekend (BC’s Family Day long weekend).  Smithers is forecasting “just” 34cms new on top of the 45 new they just had.

Note: The image above is NOT from Shames. If it were, he’d be wearing a snorkel. 

How To Get There

Note that you can fly, ski, stay at Terrace and Smithers for about the same cost as it takes to get to Whistler from Vancouver on a typical package. The cost is from $650 to $ 700 per person for a two day weekend for 2 days lift tickets, 3 night accommodations, and flight all in. You must fly via Hawkair to get the buy one get one free deal.

Travel packages for Smithers (Hudson Bay Mountain) are here. Travel packages for Terrace are here. You have to call the hotels for the link or look at this package for a representative price.


This also isn’t Terrace or Smithers. Again, if it were, all you’d see is a trail of cold smoke. Maybe we’ll get up there and get some real photo proof.



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  1. guidsnow schnelskier

    Confirmed. Skied shames yesterday. Free half refills every laps and cold smoke faceshots on some of the runs inbounds.

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