Nick McNutt : A Skier’s ‘Skier Guy’

Nick Mcnutt’s style has always been rock solid and he is starring in his first TGR film, ‘Almost Ablaze’ as we speak. He contributes to the school of minimalist skiers who opt for 180’s and zero spins in the most facetious of backcountry places, however always working seamlessly with the terrain without much conceivable force.

While coaching campers at Camp of Champions, he’s patient, warm and genial. A pleasant chap in a rice-farmer’s full brimmed straw cap. He’s soft spoken and has gained the nickname of ‘skier guy’ amongst Whistler’s snowboarding terrain park staff, for his monopolization of pedestrian’s attention whenever he drops into Black Park laps – the nickname is a feat in itself: there are a few ‘skier guys’ in Whistler and Mcnutt stands out.

DL Got a chance to catch up with the POV and pillow line ninja during the Whistler premier of ‘Almost Ablaze’ before he took off to Tokyo on his freshman tour as one of TGR’s main ingredients.


(photo Stewart Medford : @stews__art)

DL: When did you officially become a TGR Athlete and how did it happen? Last I remember you were PYP affiliated. How was the transition between companies?

McNutt: Well PYP fell apart a couple years ago, and Scott Titterington and I decided to film all season (2012/13) for TGR’s “colab” contest. Although I didn’t win the grand prize of $100,000, I must have impressed the Jones brothers enough to bring me on board filming full-time this past season. I guess it all came together about a year ago.


DL: You manage to squeak 180’s into every little line… off the pillow at :22 seconds of your new Mind’s eye video was CHEEKY. Did you eye that up from afar or are 180’s ever ‘spontaneous’ for you?

McNutt: That specific one I knew I was going to do (usually the case when filming) but when I’m just riding the resort or I guess occasionally when filming, if the take-off looks right I’ll just try one.

DL: You’ve done a few trips with Tim D and some other big names. Does it feel like a ‘play date’ set up by your parents or is it always seamless chemistry between new big name shred homies?

McNutt: So far, pretty much everyone I’ve skied with or shot with has been awesome and it’s been pretty smooth sailing… We have a lot in common. I must admit that the first day I skied with Sage I was a bit star struck though. They are all awesome people and it’s super easy to get along with everyone.


DL: What have you learned from riding with a ‘new crew’? 

McNutt: I’ve learned a few things about the value of patience, not rushing into things. Everything works so much better when everyone is a bit more laid back, and stress free. Of course sometimes there’s issues with lighting, warming, or whatever where you need to make it happen ASAP but the overall approach of relaxing and taking your time is actually really productive in the end. I’ve also learned quite a bit about line selection from Sage… That guy can make pretty much anything look amazing. I love shredding with all my friends at home, and love every time I get to! It seems I’m travelling more lately for sure though… But anytime I’m home, I know who to call!



DL: Where are you from again? Age? Sponsors?

McNutt: Grew up in Kimberley, BC, and I’m 25. Supported by Atomic skis, Smith Optics, Whistler Blackcomb, Surefoot, Arcade belts, and TMC Freeriderz pro shop.

DL: Do you stay in Whistler full-time? What do you do in the off-season?

McNutt: Whistler has been my full time home for about 9 years now. In the off season, I like skiing on the glacier, going on backpacking missions, camping, hiking, whatever! Usually taking it fairly easy… So much to do and so little time.


DL: Googling your name immediately makes me think you’re a boxer. What’s your make/eat shit ratio like? 

McNutt: I fall a lot, but I think anyone who is trying to progress themselves does too. My worst injuries have been from biking and trampolines actually… Hard to say my crash/stomp ratio, I guess it depends. I’ve had days where I didn’t crash, and I’ve had days where I fell on everything. Tricks can be a bitch.

DL: What kind of skiing did you watch / fan out on as a kid? Any?

McNutt: I grew up watching TGR, PBP, Level 1 and Matchstick, pretty much the same as most skiers. I have probably 50 ski movies on DVD and VHS even. When I was younger I watched tons of park and urban but my tastes have changed with age and now I watch way more pow skiing. I love what all the Nimbus guys do, I’ve always been
a big fan of their skiing.

International Freeski Film Festival (iF3) 2014 in Montreal, Qc

DL: Any big surprises happen this season for you? On snow or off? Didn’t you win something at the Powder awards? Rookie of the year?

McNutt: Yeah I ended up getting nominated for “best freeride segment” and took home the “Rookie of the Year” at IF3. It was a pretty crazy weekend! And I’m going to Tokyo now this week too. Just lots of travelling to premiers and meeting
tons of people.

DL: Plans for next year?

McNutt: I want to film a better segment with TGR. I guess we will see where the snow is!


DL: Shout outs?

McNutt: Scott Titterington, it wouldn’t have happened without him behind the camera leading up to last year. He now has an X Games gold hanging on his wall, so he’s getting what he deserves which is awesome to see, he works really hard and is awesome to be in the backcountry with. Watch out for his work next year in the Sammy C Project from TGR.


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