New BC Ski Resort? BC Government Just Approved Valemount Glacier Resort Master Plan


I’ll be the first to admit I had never heard of this project until this afternoon, when the press announced that the BC Government has approved the Master Plan for a new ski resort named ‘Valemount Glacier Destination Resort’.

At build-out, it will provide sustainable public access to large glaciers at over 3,000 meters (9,850 feet) elevation – the only such access in North America – and will have a vertical drop of approximately 2,050 meters (6,726 feet), the largest in North America and third largest in the world. It is expected to become a major sightseeing and year-round skiing destination welcoming visitors from the nearby National Parks and from around the world.

Unlike other BC ski resort proposals like Jumbo Glacier, this newer proposal doesn’t seem to have ignited the same backlash. Funny considering it is spearheaded by the same visionary and resort Architect Oberto Oberti who we’ve all been taught to hate because of his Jumbo Glacier project. Hopefully this contrast is because the Valemount resort proposal actually makes sense, and is supported by skiers and the local communities. Does it? Help fill us in.

We’ll do some digging to get more dirt on this potential new shred resort. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile if you’re eager for some reading, the whole Master Plan can be downloaded from the project website.


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