Must See: Numinous


OK boys n girls, last night we we saw a wee ski film called Numinous featuring some guy named Kye Petersen (don’t know if you’ve heard of him). News flash: it did NOT suck. In fact, if you’re craving some tasty big-mountain ski porn inspiration before the season kicks in, Numinous is pretty much a must see.

The Dendrite Studios crew somehow packed 50 minutes of non-stop awesome sauce into the film while avoiding any dorky interviews about progressing progression. In fact there was no talking at all, or even athlete name titles. After opening with non-stop pillow smashing and spine slashing, the film finally gives you a moment of reprieve to show the gnarly storm they encountered at Mt Meager, and then wham, it’s full tits to the ceiling action until the closing credits.

So long story short, I’ll take a queue from the film and stop talking about the film. Instead you should just watch it.

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