MTN Lab: Going Further, Bigger, Longer, and Harder is Now Easier.


The Salomon MTN Lab freeride touring ski gets you up fast so you can get down fast. This is Salomon’s contribution to the overdue trend of having lightweight touring ski that performs like your favourite fat swamp-wood charger. The company’s backcountry line got R&D help from Greg Hill. We all know Greg Hill can ski tour two million vert in a year, but what most people don’t know is Greg doesn’t take it easy on the way down. He slays big steep faces that you wouldn’t want to do on a set of ultralight pencil skis. When you look at the MTN Lab, you can see its similarity to Salomon’s Q115 – their hard-charging fat board many of their freeski athletes favour. The main difference between the two is the MTN Lab has shed a pile of weight to make it more touring friendly. The result is a high performance rockered tip, flatter tail ski that can be swung and manipulated incredibly easily.


                         Here you can see the similarities between the Q115 (top) and MTN Lab (bottom)

The MTN Lab keeps weight down courtesy of a blend of flax and carbon that decreases weight while keeping the ski performing great. Carbon tends to give skis a very snappy feel, which is great for responsiveness but lacks the damp feeling you want when going fast. Flax helps get that damp feeling that you would normally find in something heavier. This fiber is sandwiched alongside the irreplaceable feel of a wood core.


Camber underfoot, but when the camber’s depressed you end up with a hearty helping of tip rocker

If you plan on using a tech binding, which would really make the lightweight construction shine, the MTN Lab has a technology known as the Tech Transfer Pad. A titanal plate is inserted under the mounting area to improve power transfer and edge grip with tech bindings. The G-Spot integrates the camber and shape to allow the ski to break trail and climb easier. Lastly there’s the lightness of the honeycomb tip and reinforced edges to make the swing weight lower and the ski last longer.


                     Notched tails for skin tail clips. I hope they change to a twin tip in the future.

At the end of the day you have a wide platform ski that has the nimbleness like none other. At 1800g and 115mm underfoot, you’d be hard pressed to find any lighter with so much float. Beat your friends to the top of the hill, then beat them down. I hope in the future Salomon puts a full twin tip on this model instead of the current flatter one with a tail hook notch. This would be an amazing backcountry freestyle tool that could also slay big lines.


Yum. High -fiber flax sandwich construction.
The G-Spot technology was also easier to find than I imagined.


Yes I love this ski, but don’t take it from me. Take it from the fanatics below that had this ski change their life.


Cleaning floors maid

“With the kids constantly making a mess around here, I find streaks and marks on my floor that I was never able to take care of. Now with MTN Lab, I can clean lines like never before. Thanks MTN Lab!”
– Megan Barlow, Burlington, Ontario.




“With Canada Post closing door-to-door service, I was worried if I would ever touch a letter again. But now that I use MTN Lab, I can push the envelope and send it with more confidence.”
– Chet Fetterville, 100 Mile House, British Columbia




“I was out of work and couldn’t afford rent. Then I got MTN Lab. Now I don’t want a job because I’m too busy shredding the backcountry. Can me and MTN Lab crash on your couch?”
– Davin Glendart, Death Star 2.0




“I was having trouble performing and satisfying my partner. I tried everything and was at a total loss. Then one day, I tried MTN Lab. It’s light weight got me up faster and was still a ton of fun whether I was starting at the bottom or about to descend at the top. Thanks MTN Lab for saving my love life!”
– Tony Bingsley, Rapid City, South Dakota




“We loves a good ho-down and mashing our boots against the floor. I thought my dancing couldn’t get better until I discovered MTN Lab while trying to make moonshine. It made me able to do big stomps all day long! MTN Lab, you’re the best thing that’s happened to me since my Uncle Dad!”
– Jeb Mansbridge, Castlegar, BC



Overworked mom

“I don’t have time to fit anything else in my busy life. Thanks to MTN Lab, I get where I need to go faster, whether up or down. Now I have more time to watch the soaps. MTN Lab, you’re like having an extra parent.”
-Tanya Flemmington, Raleigh, North Carolina


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