Mt Baker Temporarily CLOSED – Lack of Snow

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Hot damn. You know it’s been a warm ‘n dry winter when Mt Baker, who has held the World Record for deepest snowpack in a season (or something like that), is now closed in early March for lack of snow!

However, to put it in perspective, it has indeed happened several times before. And on some of those occasions, the snow returned – big time – allowing them to re-open completely. Will there be such a comeback this season? Not if you ask us, but hey, we’re happy to optimistic if you are.

I’m sure it’s been a challenging season for the operations staff. Here’s a video update and loosely transcribed post they provided on their website today.

Video loosely transcribed:

Sunday March 8

We are here to talk about our snow conditions. Our crew have been working hard in recent months to haul snow, move snow, mine snow and groom snow all over the mountain to the best of our ability in order to keep things in good shape and for skiable conditions.

We are here today though to say that we are going to suspend operations TEMPORARILY until we get some more snow. We need about 6 to 12 inches more and we will be right back in operation.

When you go back for a historical context on this, it happens like this about every 15 years or so and in 2005 this same kind of thing happened. This same week in 2005 is the week we suspended operations temporarily. Then it really started to snow and our base total moved up to around 80 inches – and we look forward to that.

This has been a serious hardship on our crew financially. It’s been a hardship on the local businesses down the Mt. Baker Highway and the company itself. But! We look forward to getting this snow – maybe this coming weekend – and to getting things back into operation. As soon as we get enough snow we would go to full operation.

When (or if) and hopefully WHEN we get enough snow we would certainly extend operations to run as long as we possibly could – hopefully even into May if conditions allow.

We would like to give a special thank you to our employees. They have been amazing this year – there has been a huge amount of effort but into our operation this year. We understand the financial impact on them and have been doing everything we can to keep them going. They have been great about sharing hours, sharing jobs and doing what it takes to keep going and we are grateful for their efforts.

Passholders: We certainly appreciate and understand the purchase you have made for this winter and are mindful of that as well. We appreciate your support. We will not be making any decisions for passholders in particular until this whole season pans out, and that has yet to be seen.

This winter has NOT gotten the best of us – we remain optimistic and hopeful.

Here in the mountains . . . you gotta work with what you got. We will do that with the best of effort and to the best of our ability.

Duncan – President and General Manager

Gwyn – Operations Manager


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