Moments that Keep me Dreaming – Dave Treadway


Oh man, this shotgun edit from Dave Treadway will either validate your snowmobile purchase for the season or have you madly scanning the classifieds for a trusty steed that can get you into Pemberton’s high country.


Dave and the crew he rolls with know to do it right.

And watching snowboarders like Joe Lax, Chris Ankeny and Dave Basterrechea has motivated Treadway to do a little sideways standing of his own.

It’s been a longstanding goal of his to shred a spine line on his snowboard and he tucks into a pretty nice one in this vid.


Amongst other things, he also manages to capture Chris Ankeny (I think) in a perfectly executed ghost ride to pow surf:


Like I said, these guys know how to do it right.

Anyone selling a sled?


From Dave – “These couple of magic days in the Coast Mountains is what plays through my mind while anticipating the next season.”


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