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Ski touring on the West Coast means you’re going to hit pretty much any and every winter temperature and condition mashed into each day in the mountains. If you’re as lame as me at regulating temperature you could fill your entire pack with different layering ideas and turn each touring day into some kinda self-declared granola fashion expose.  But that wouldn’t leave room in the pack for safety gear, food, water, or beer, so it ain’t the best option.

Better call would be to check out Smartwool’s new Corbet 120 Jacket.  It’s not just a shirt, or a jacket, or even a ‘shacket’, it’s more like a vest-shirt-jacket. Is that a thing? Is now.

Smartwool Corbet 120 Jacket. Funky rug not included.

It’s not a ski specific layer, but has you dialled for moving fast in cold weather, be it ski touring, running, or whatever… but if there’s snow on the ground you should be skiing.

On the inside it’s all warm ‘n fuzzy like a merino wool shirt should be, the stretchy sleeves and wind protection make it a jacket, and the Smartloft 120 insulation on the front torso/chest gives it the extra vest insulation where you need it. Doesn’t come with a set of knives, but it has you covered with most other things.

The only thing that would make it a better touring weapon is a hood. If you’re a hood guy like me, maybe the Double Corbet 120 Hoody is the better call.

Some bonus nuggets…

Nifty thumb hole for, I dunno, sticking your thumb through it. Moisturizer apparently not included.

Handy little cable hole in the left chest pocket for headphones.

This isn’t a fancy new binding or a the next rocket to the moon, so we won’t get all scientific about it’s pros and cons. It’s just a damn good all-arounder jacket that’s light, packable, and handy for everything from ski touring to just romping around and urban jungle on a cold fall day. Two thumbs up (through the thumb holes of course).


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