Massive Storm Lines Up For BC While Every Local Instagram Influencer Is In Japan


This just in… Mother Nature has a heart. Well, not a tonne of heart because she’s still giving a royal shaft to California and the Southern Rockies, but it looks like she’s about to give BC some major love. Wait, maybe its her sense of humour, after all, she’s decided to open a massive can of powdery whoop-ass onto BC’s Coast Mountains this week while most of the ski industry ain’t here.

As if like clockwork, it’s been noticed by experts that this storm cycle will reach BC as soon as every local #socialmediaskier #influencer has made the long journey to the ski industry’s favourite January powder den: Japan. The Japanese pow fest in January has become such a thing that the only two hashtags in our feed this month are either #Japow, or conversely, #NotJapan. And since hashtags tell us everything about everything, this must be a real phenomenon.

The irony isn’t lost on us here. Even team mostly relocated to Japan, and is still so deep in Japanuary that we haven’t even cranked out the content for it yet, but it’ll come – don’t you worry.

But while every ‘gram’er in the biz is documenting #Japow, clever little Miss Mother Nature is about to whip the faucets wide open for a BC locals all-you-can-eat faceshot buffet.

We might be jinxing it on purpose for our homies still in Japan, or we might just be pre-hyping it for web traffic, but one things for sure – we ain’t the only ones who think the big storm’s a coming…

The Weather Networks claims BC will be the snowiest place on the planet this coming week.

Fancy chart from their article to make us look legit. Purple = very good.

Fancy chart from their article to make us look legit. Purple = very good.


Our go-to meteorologist Frankie MacDonald has the storm on his radar…

And if knows anything about math, that’s a whole lot of cm’s in the alpine forecast for Whistler Blackcomb. 

Cross your fingers, buckle up, and don’t forget to ‘gram it #NotJapan (says the guy who was just in Japan).



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