We Asked Leah Evans If Girls Really Do Ski


We flew across the Pacific from BC to Hakuba, Japan to catch up with fellow BC skier Leah Evans. Only we were both so busy getting buckets of pow in our face that we didn’t actually find her nor interview her. Now we’re both back in BC and we’re getting to the bottom of what makes this international women of mystery tick.

Once we did, we got to the bottom of why she left snowy BC for snowy Japan, and the age old question… Do Girls Ski?

Doglotion: So Leah what was that Japan trip all about? All you can eat sashimi or did you and the Girls Do Ski ladies on a mission? 

Leah: Because we love powder! I’ve always loved, respected and been very fascinated by Japanese culture and it seemed like an amazing way to bring other ladies to a new place.

We partnered with Whitecap alpine as they have a strong program already happening with ACMG in Hakuba. The camp was a backcountry camp, focusing on backcountry skills and learning how to refine your style in powder/off piste skiing. We had a ACMG guide leading the backcountry portion and I provided extensive coaching. Additionally, we had our own van so we had the flexibility to onsen everyday after skiing, experience different dinning options and explore all the terrain we could. We spent six days skiing together and it was amazing to see the change and progression that happened with our campers.

Doglotion: The ultimate question… Do Girls Ski? 

Leah: Yup, ahah. We’re on a path to normalizing it and providing ladies with a space to gather on and off snow. I’m so overly thrilled to see how many female skiers there are!

Doglotion: Are you just trying to get more female ski friends? Or deeper purpose? 

Leah: I’m just trying to create a space to pass on the passion. To feel like you are normal because you love skiing so much and that you are supported in your pursuits.

Doglotion: Is there any late spring GDS adventures this season, or how’s next winter stacking up? More global domination for female skiers?

Leah: We’re actually done, we finished on March 1st. We will be opening registration again next season on Nov.1st (make sure you get on the waitlist as we filled up in two hours last year). We’re having our year end meeting soon so we’ll be able to let you know our programming for next season soon.

Doglotion: OK thanks we’ll update this story when you do. If i put on a wig can I play too? any plans for a boys do ski program? I’m having a hard time finding boys that ski…

Leah: Amazing! I’ve heard it all. We’ll I’d love to do something for males as well, just reach out what your looking for. GDS was born out of who I am: female, skier… so I’ve created a space that I know well.

Doglotion: How was your season overall? Pretty epic around here eh.

Leah: No complaints! And it’s still going. I absolutely love powder skiing so this was an all time season. We’re super lucky.

Doglotion: You’ve been at this for a while now, are you as stoked as ever at the growing number of ladies getting into free riding? Or secretly hoping everyone will quit skiing so you can tree plant and surf?

Leah: YES, 100% I’m so stoked on all the new ladies coming up.. there is an amazing group of local girls and I can’t wait to see what they accomplish. Share the stoke, it makes us all better! And I love my off seasons as a hiking guide, I started a new co-ed camp called Airplane Mode.

Doglotion: Does GDS do any backcountry education?

Leah: We do, all of our backcountry camps have a strong education piece. In addition we offer a glacier travel camp, guides course and 12 under 20 (a free AST level 1 course).

Doglotion: Any insight into the complexity of male/female group dynamics in the backcountry and how it might affect decision making? There’s lots of ‘group factor’ discussion out there but I haven’t seen much specific to the male/female factor.

Leah: I think it’s a balance and everyone has the ability to set into certain stereotypical roles out there in the backcountry. But I think it’s about trusting the folks your going out with, female or male, and knowing that you can count on them if something happens.

Doglotion: What are you gonna be when you grow up?

Leah: The same! I’m so lucky to live this life.

Doglotion: Do we get to watch you in any Salomon episodes or other adventures next fall?

Leah: Yes! I went on a backcountry camping trip for the shift binding in February, so stay tuned for that.

Doglotion: Any words of wisdom for young girls who wanna ski?

Leah: Go out there and do it, you don’t know if you don’t try. You can fall and always get up again. 3… 2… 1… having fun


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