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The Kootenays Spiritual Winter Gear Buy and Sell


This week I’ve been posting ads trying desperately to get rid of my old ski gear. But in the Kootenays, no one will read anything unless it mentions environmentalism or spirituality. We’re also approaching Black Friday, which continually reminds me of how my old roommate used to torture me by blasting the song Rebecca Black’s Friday at the end of every work week.

So this week, I didn’t just post ads. I made an attempt at enlightenment while seeking revenge on someone who tried to drive me crazy. Here’s what I did. Get the gear before it’s all gone.



I should also mention how light weight these hipster skinny skis are. Under ninety Instagrams per pair.


According to a survey I just made up, backcountry items are 20% more desireable if they feature the word Karakoram.


These skis sold right away. No joke.


Crossfit has no street cred.


This product can also be used for enemas, if the purchaser can get their head out of there.


 As soon as I put this up the local SPCA started fostering skunks.




 There has already been a couple of (serious) people offering Colby a place. Don’t miss out on this offer!

Oh yeah, Jumbo’s kind a real thing. I’m going to hell for this one.

If you don’t get it, you’ve never been to Nelson.

If you grew up in Nelson, you don’t even find it strange.


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