In Light of Most Recent Shooting, NRA Condemns Automatic Cameras 


After another horrible shooting, neither the NRA nor US congress made any changes on the issue of gun control. However, today they proposed strong legislation against another rapid fire hand-held device – the automatic camera.

NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch told Doglotion that the ease at which someone could purchase an AR 15 at a gun show with no background check is nothing compared to how simple it is for anyone to purchase a fully automatic camera online. “All you need is a credit card and a Canon will be shipped to your door the next day. They don’t care what age you are and higher end models can take up to ten shots per second. A father shot his two kids with an automatic camera in my hometown of Dallas Texas yesterday. Did the liberal-controlled media even mention it? Of course not, because they’re in bed with Nikon!”

Her passion for the America’s Second Amendment seemed to blind her from the harmlessness of photography. When questioned on how cameras could possibly be the problem, Loesch fired back. “There’s one thing in common with every mass gun shooting we’ve had since Columbine – they’ve all had their photos taken. The news mentions the shooters name then their photo. I don’t think this is a coincidence. Violent behavior breeds violent behavior. Maybe if we didn’t take photos of these people, we wouldn’t be seeing their pictures all over the news.”

The idea of banning use of automatic cameras has caused a surge in their purchase with many retailers becoming completely out of stock. “If I don’t have a camera with auto mode, I’ll lose numerous freedoms as a citizen and followers on Instagram.” Andrea Hellman professed. “How else will I be able to upload photos of the food I’m about to eat, take photos of my sandy feet on the beach, or snap pics of cool latte art? I’m a responsible camera user and feel the perfectly constructed selfies on my Facebook page attest to that.”

Ski photographer Ryan Bralph, argues the proposed camera ban is just plainly insensitive. “As a manual camera professional, I feel fully automatic cameras are bad for business. The jokers using them don’t take the time to set up a good shot, they just spray and pray. But Jesus, have some respect. About 30 athletes were shot just yesterday in Whistler and already you want to talk about camera control? The photos are still warm and their family members are probably looking at their pictures today. It’s too insensitive of a time to bring up such a subject.”


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