The Inaugural “Arsenault Bootpack 4/20 Extreme” is Happening on Friday

With all this talk of making bootpacking great again, the idea of an uphill race started to form.

Once that idea started gathering steam, it was obvious that the race should be in honour of (arguably) the strongest uphill walker that the Blackcomb backcountry has ever seen: Maxim Arsenault.

Max passed away in an avalanche a couple years ago, and the bootpacks in Blackcomb’s immediate backcountry haven’t been the same ever since.

Tech bindings are hot right now, and it’s rare to see skiers post-holing in their downhill boots anymore. Splitboarding has changed the dynamics of uphill travel as well, and meandering skin trails have all but replaced the straight-the-fuck-up style of accessing the goods.

Not that there’s anything wrong with all that, but we figured it was time to honour Max with an uphill bootpack race on the two-year memorial of his passing.

So on this Friday, April 20th, a group of us people will be meeting between 2:30-3:00pm at the bottom of the bootpack to DOA/The East Col and racing to the top of Blackcomb Peak.

After that, we’ll have a few beers up top, smoke a few joints, crow at the ravens and then meet at the HandleBar for a proper après.

A prize will be awarded to the winner of the race, but mostly this is a gathering to honour a fallen member of the tribe.

Max’s close friends are planning on meeting up there anyways on Friday; the bootpack race is basically just a bonus activity for anyone who feels like participating.

The race is open to anyone who feels like entering. Doesn’t matter if you’re a skier or a snowboarder, or even whether or not you knew Max.

Of course all participants need to have a beacon, probe and shovel.

Everyone will start strapped into their gear before transitioning into bootpack mode.

After that, it’ll be a “Chinese Uphill” to the Peak.

It’ll be a loose affair, but Max wouldn’t have it any other way.

Caw Caw!




Text Taran at 778-220-6110 if you have any questions…


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