Public says no to Kootenay Heli-Ski application

An informative article by Tamara Hynd of the Nelson Star sums up the public’s distain towards Kootenay Heli Ski Inc’s land tenure application.

She wrote:

“Many concerned Nelson area citizens believe they will have to say goodbye to peace and quiet in their backcountry should a land tenure application by Kootenay Heli-Ski inc. be approved.

While many people wrote in a response to a call for public submissions that they see the value of heli and cat skiing operations, they also believe there are already enough in the area.

A freedom of information request by the Star for submissions to FrontCounter BC between March 28 and July 3 resulted in 383 pages containing 258 separate comments regarding the application.

Of those, all but three opposed or strongly opposed the tenure being awarded. One asked for careful evaluation and two were in favour, citing economic benefits.”

We’ll keep an eye on how it plays out.