All Places in ‘Free Public Hut’

  • Windy Joe Emergency Shelter

    Operation: Non-Profit

    A little shelter that you wouldn’t really sleep in, but could in a pinch. Apparently a popular lunch spot. More info on or ClubTread. Image by Camping Canucks who also have great info on the area.

  • Elsay Lake Hut

    Operation: Community

    Just a super basic little hut hiding deep in the woods beside Mt Seymour in North Vancouver, BC. Pretty random place to find yourself in the winter, this hut is likely more popular in the summer. Info seems sparse, and we haven’t been there. This one is low on the Read more [...]

  • Frosty Creek Cabin

    Operation: Non-Profit

    If you’re touring near Mt Frosty in the Manning Park area, and you really feel like having a wooden roof over your head instead of a tent, you might end up in this rustic shelter. Image found at UBC VOC.

  • Sentinel Bay Glaciology Huts

    Operation: Commercial

    A pair of tiny huts at Sentinel Bay, Garibaldi Lake for glaciology research.  They are left unlocked in the winter in case you feel like using them. But the Burton Hut is better and not very far away. Image by Pat Mulrooney.

  • Snowspider Hut

    Operation: Non-Profit

    Tiny little old shack nestled among some pure awesome-sauce ski terrain. Best winter access is from Duffey Lake Road via Cerise Creek, Vantage Peak and onwards. Solid jealousy-inducing trip report on

  • Tenquille Lake Cabin

    Operation: Non-Profit

    The new and improved Tenquille Lake Cabin is operated by the Pemberton Wilderness Association. Check out that link for hut details and rules. The cabin is more of a summer hut, but gaining popularity for winter use now that it has been revamped. Image by Austin Ross.

  • Keith’s Hut (Cerise Creek)

    Operation: Community

    A perfectly located ski touring hut in the Duffey Lake Road area, just north of Whistler/Pemberton. The Cerise Creek drainage come from the Anniversary Glacier, right below some absolutely wicke peaks… Joffre, Mattier, and Vantage. Loft sleeps about 8.