All Places in ‘Alpine Club of Canada’

Mountain huts operated by the Alpine Club of Canada.

  • Abbot Pass Hut

    Operation: Mountain Club

    This is one cool hut. Built almost 100 years ago (1922) with local rock, Abbot Pass is a summer mountaineering hot spot. The hut sits right smack on the continental divide, so it’s half in BC, half in Alberta. How cool is that? It’s closed during the winter, so it Read more [...]

  • Conrad Kain Hut

    Operation: Mountain Club

    It’s a bit cheeky including this in a ski touring hut directory, because it’s officially closed during the winter months due to avalanche danger. But hey, these days any mountaineering hut is also a bit of a ski hut for keen ski mountaineers. The hut is in Bugaboo Provincial Park Read more [...]

  • Asulkan Cabin

    Operation: Mountain Club

    Here is the ACC’s description of the Asulkan Cabin… “The Asulkan Cabin is located at the head of the Asulkan Valley at Rogers Pass in Glacier National Park, and has a 3-5 hour approach, longer when there is new snow. The Asulkan Cabin is well situated for skiing in the Read more [...]

  • Scott Duncan Hut

    Operation: Mountain Club

    Here is the ACC’s description of the Scott Duncan Hut… “This was the final hut to be established on the Wapta Icefield, a very nice addition to the chain of huts which now makes the Wapta Traverse one of the classiest and most comfortable ski traverses in all of North Read more [...]

  • Bow Hut

    Operation: Mountain Club

    ACC give the lowdown on the Bow Hut… “The Bow Hut is fantastically scenic, perfectly situated and is an excellent base for exploring further onto the Wapta Icefields in winter or summer. It is the easiest and most natural route onto the Wapta and gives access to the Peyto Hut Read more [...]

  • Rob Ritchie (Balfour) Hut

    Operation: Mountain Club

    We haven’t checkout out the Balfour Hut yet, but here is the lowdown from the ACC… “The Rob Ritchie Hut, also known as the Balfour Hut, is found on low, rocky hills at the toe of the Vulture Glacier, approximately 28 km northwest of the town of Lake Louise, AB. Read more [...]

  • Wates-Gibson Hut

    Operation: Mountain Club

    We haven’t been to the hut yet, but here’s how the ACC describes it… “Tucked away in a corner of the spectacular Tonquin Valley, this large and well-equipped log cabin is a fantastic destination both summer and winter. There are a number of excellent alpine rock and mixed routes in Read more [...]

  • Ben Farris (Great Cairn) Hut

    Operation: Mountain Club

    Well known for the summer mountaineering terrain nearby, the hut can also be used as a ski touring objective from the Fairy Meadow Hut or as a base for ski touring in the Sir Sandford area itself. The ACC describes… “Situated on a bench with a “front row seat” for the many Read more [...]

  • Sydney Vallance (Fryatt) Hut

    Operation: Commercial

    Here’s what ACC has to say about this gem… “A relatively little-known and little-visited valley, this area is one of the true gems of the Rockies! The Fryatt Hut offers a superb base for exploration both summer and winter with excellent alpine climbing and ski-touring all within fairly easy reach Read more [...]

  • A.O. Wheeler Hut

    Operation: Mountain Club

    The Wheeler Hut serves as a base for pow skiing at Rogers Pass. This is the one and only ACC hut which can be reached by vehicle in summer. Winter access is a mere 2 km along a well-broken and level trail. As the ACC puts it… “It is difficult to Read more [...]