High Vibes on the Low Tide – Notes from the First Two Weeks at WB


CONDITIONS BE DAMNED, it’s your God-given duty as a freerider to hit the slopes as soon as they’re open for the season.

You just hit 30 rocks BUT LOOK….THERE’S DOUG.

You love shredding with Doug and now here you are, shredding with Doug.

That’s livin’!

Rest assured, it hasn’t been perfect out here on the Coast.

But who amongst us doesn’t like smashing through sub-par conditions?


(Except most people).

And one man’s “sub-par” is another man’s “epic”.

Terry Cransten Jr.           Photo: Chuck Filion

Between the freshness of the slopes and the fact that you’re skiing with Doug (or whoever your Doug may be), there’s a good chance the early season might be the best riding you’ll get on the resort all season.

It may not be the kinda shredding that looks good on Instagram, but hot damn it feels good…

And not just in a “Kissin’ Cousins” kinda way.

Not a whole lotta cushion for Matty Richard‘s pushin’.

That being said, the word around the water cooler is that this has been the worst opener since 2004-2005…

Was the 2008-09 opener not equally lacklustre?

Now that they legalized weed, I can’t remember those smaller details, but I do remember that the whole Sea to Sky kinda stopped skiing that season.

“Worst season ever!” they said as they laced up their biking shoes.

Hopefully that happens again.

The Reverse WB Hype Machine is a force to be reckoned with.

(Whistler sucks. Tell your friends.)

We’ve got a long way to go before we’re speedboardin’ through the bonez, but that last huge storm stayed on the right side of zero and pushed us a little closer to the “normal” status quo that we take for granted out here.

In other words, it’s time to assemble your Dougs, your Garys, your Marys and your Buds.

CONDITIONS BE DAMNED, let’s see what 2018-19 has in store for us.


Looks like we’ll be lettin’ the dogs out soon!










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