High Alpine Duck Rescue in the Tantalus Range


Word got out that an inflatable duck was stranded in the big bad-ass backcountry peaks behind Squamish, BC, and when we heard the news we knew just what to do. Details were sparse. The only givens were steep mountains and the hut location, the rest we’d have to freestyle.

A hodgepodge crew of men, women and children quickly assembled and piled into the chopper, sites set on Tantalus – the most obvious place for an inflatable duck to be hanging out.

Damn its tiger country out here. This is no place for an inflatable duck!

The chopper touched down at 18:00, just enough time for the crew to spread out for an evening sunset recon shred. There were no ducks to be found, but the sunset smoked corn snow was to die for.

The classic ‘through the legs’ mountaineering shot, on casual jeans Friday.

BBQ Chute

Corn was a little over cooked on the ol’ BBQ chute off Serratus. But always a fun lap before dinner.

The rest of the gang coming back from some tastier corn on the West side of the hut.

After some beers, BBQing, and sleeping, a new day dawned and the pursuit continued. Armed with spikey things and dingle berries, we crossed glaciers and climbed mountains in search or ducks and corn.

Schwartz and Nate going up.

When we remembered that ducks are birds, and that birds can fly, we immediately headed for the top of Serratus, and low and behold, there was our duck. Thank god he quacked so loud, or we would have missed him with all that self-interested selfie/groupie photo action that was going on at the summit.

You know your group is too big when they don’t all fit on the summit.


With one bird in hand and none in the bush, the hard-core mission could switch to casual spring revelry, and so revel we did. Is that a wrap until Gaper Day? We’ll see.

I promise, we skied some cool stuff too, this past weekend in the #Tantalus . #richkidsofinstagram #putabirdonit

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All fun and games until the lights go out and the clouds turn into magma.

Climbing to the top of Alpha for the daily corn harvest.

Alex harvesting the corn on Alpha.

Chain gang. Dingle berries and all.

Where’s Joe’s tracks? Might have started this one a bit early.

The duck was such a free loader, not even sure why we rescued him.

Alpha summit selfie.

High alpine beach volleyball. Winter Olympics 2018.



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