Goodgood: Everything That is Missing in Skiing and Nothing Else


I miss the 90s. You could ski in sunglasses. You could wear track pants and be the man. People wore aerobics outfits that looked like Swimsuits and the Sony Handycam was the equivalent to an iphone. These were the greatest achievements of the 90s and also what I miss the most.

But Goodgood films won’t give up on the golden era of home video. Filming on a Sony Handycam, rocking track pants and sunglasses, and featuring girls in aerobic swimsuits, Goodgood brings the elements of creativity and strangeness back into ski film. It reminds me of what Greg Stump would do to contrast the overproduced HD 4K youtube shorts that have become the norm.

Goodgood crew consists of Louis Durham, Oscar Seagram, Anders Fornelius and, courtesy of Vishnu Skis, Leroy Maarhuis and Dylan Anderson. Behold their 90s masterpiece made last year, Leaving Now, Meet u at the Spa.

Let Goodgood remind you, “When you get home even if the chicken is a little burnt, what’s the big deal? Relax.


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