Giro Blok Goggles: Shred and Relax


Goggles are getting technical, maybe too much so. They should be the windshield for your face, not your personal skull butler. Right now,  the pinnacle of excessive  face window technology includes GPS, action camera, battery powered anti-fog, and eject and replace lenses. The Giro Blok gives you none of these, and it’s a refreshing change. Just a taste of what some would feel is old school. They’re a goggle that just keeps snow and wind out of your eyes without fogging. If you are looking for a no nonsense google that gets the job done…… oh hell, they have a Carl Zeiss manufactured lens. Dammit. Just when you thought something was simple they start using the same high clarity lenses Peter Jackson used to film a documentary about hobbits.



Old school style that can handle the hardest Ice.

The goggles are a medium to large sized fit, again smaller and more reasonable than todays XL super peripheral fish bowl face frames. Speaking of which, these goggles are one of the few that actually have a visible frame. Having a frame doesn’t really give a retro feel as much as a timeless feel. As far as fogging, they haven’t done it to me yet. I’ve skied them all season and have had no problems with fog or moisture. I have the polarized rose lens which is considered to be for full sun, but was fine for flat light and foggy days. No problem wearing these on flat light days or sunny ones. Careful handling the lens though. Some companies put their lens coatings on the inside (between the two lenses) to prevent scratching it. The darkening finish on these ones is on the outside.

Want a timeless look in a pair of googles that you can still wear ten years from now and not look foolish?  You may have found your pair. If you don’t buy into the latest technological and fashion developments, you may want to just buy these.


Rocking the Polarized Rose tint lens in flat light with no navigational problems.


The Breakdown

Ability to give gangster rappers street cred.

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