Gear Shout Out – Sweet Protection’s Trooper MIPS Helmet

I started out with lots of fun ideas on how I could smash Sweet Protection’s new Trooper MIPS helmet against hard objects to test it’s durability. But I a took a liking to the helmet pretty quick, so I chose a more pro life approach to the helmet’s future and just enjoyed wearing it instead.

As such, I can’t speak for how well it stands up against being run over by a car or dropped out of an apartment window with a watermelon in it, but I can say it’s a light, comfortable, well-made piece of protection to stick on your head. Sweet helmets are kinda the premium European sports car of ski helmets. The attention to detail is awesome, they’re slick, decked out with the right features, good for going fast, and hard to get in North America. But they’ve been making their way across the pond more recently, and I’m glad they did.

The size adjustment at the back is easy to use and stays on the desired setting. Ear flaps are comfortable but allow for decent hearing. The chin strap is doubled back and padded like it’s some kind of climbing harness. And I could go on.

Hmmm, good place for a helmet eh. Felix Jauvin photo.

Hmmm, good place for a helmet eh. Felix Jauvin photo.

Its plenty light at 680g but not as crazy light as my bring-it-anywhere Smith Maze that I’ve kept in the gear quiver for a few seasons because of how light it is. The Trooper however definitely feels like it offers superior protection over my previous helmets, especially when you include the cool technology buzz words like “Thermoplastic Laminated Carbon Fiber (TLC) construction, our 2-piece Shell construction and the unique ‘Impact Shields’ liner.”

The only negative note is that interior fit of the helmet is very round, perhaps rounder than my oval shaped head. Luckily the occigrip fit adjustment at the back seems to address that fairly well.

In short, the Sweet Protection Trooper MIPS is a real keeper. It’s my everyday go-to helmet so far this season, and seems light and breathable enough to maintain that title throughout spring mountaineering season. Thumbs up to Sweet for making bad-ass lids for us skiers to protect our heads with. Keep doing what you’re doing eh, and keep them coming to this side of the pond.

Photo by Felix Jauvin

Random shred shot with a Sweet lid. Felix Jauvin photo.


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