Swany's X-Change II Ski Glove Review

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With all the wacky weather lately, it was time to do some more gear testing, so we gave some Swany Ski Gloves a run for their money. The Pacific North West is where it’s at for gear testing, ’cause no two days are the same.

Swany’s X-Change II ski gloves got a bit of everything lately, from waste deep pow to -25 degree weather, and even a bit of rain/sleet mixed in there. How’d they hold up? 2 thumbs up for sure. Get it? Oh that was bad. After weeks of abuse, we haven’t lost any fingers, the gloves don’t stink, and everything is holding up, so what more could we ask for?

Well, do they look cool? Good enough for us – sleek, black, and get the job done. Are they water proof? Close enough.
Do they float? Sure do. Witches float too, because they’re made of wood. And witches are cool, so these gloves must be too. Just don’t burn them.

Speaking of floating, if these gloves don’t float your boat, there’s plenty more Swany Ski Gloves to choose from online.


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