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We’ve been giving the ZED SPY snow  goggle a run for their money lately, and they’ve been holding up to whatever we’ve thrown at them. What’s there to test about goggles? With Whistler’s magical mystery tour of weather – plenty.
We’ve used on rainy days, sunny days, and pow days, and haven’t gone blind or hit a tree in the process, so we’re off to a good start. They haven’t fogged yet, but we haven’t tried the ultimate test of leaving them wet over night. Dare you to try…
The lens choice – Bronze/Silver Mirror does the trick for partly sunny days, but for Whistler’s infamously low light storm days the blue replacement lens  is definitely the way to go.
If we had to complain (it wouldn’t be a review without it), the strap is a little too short for our liking. With a size large helmet, the strap is stretched to it’s fullest, making it tricky to close the helmet clip. But apart from us big-brained weirdos, it’s probably all good for the average Joe. And complaint #2, I saw another guy wearing them. Like, oh my god, who does he think he is?!?
Spy writes: "ZED is quickly becoming a new team favourite with a reputation for withstanding any punishment our rieders throw at it. The SPY ZED snow goggle doubles the pleasure by adding a free additional lens to keep it going in all weather conditions." 




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