Ski Review – 2009/10 Salomon Czar

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The long and short of it is that this ski ROCKS, just like the rocker design its built with. God only knows why it took us this long to review them, we might have just been having too much fun skiing them.

I’ve easily had some of the best days I can remember on these bad boys, but then again, it was one of the best season’s ever, so I could be biased here. The Czar will be back in Salomon’s line up for 2010/2011, so there’s plenty of time for you to get your hands on’em.

I tested the 190’s, with 114mm underfoot, 133mm at the tip, and 123mm in the tail. The rocker makes them a blast to ski even on the groomers, but obviously they’re built for big mountain skiing, backcountry, and some hot switch action if you’re in the mood. Dead easy to ski, making for really fun handling in the steeps, silly-goating, or shredding steep trees with no remorse.

With so much rocker and a fairly soft tip, they’re not quite a dream big mountain charging ski for say big mountain competitions or huge-ass open alaskan faces. For the latter, I’d go with the larger Salomon Rocker, and for the real in between gem next season, keep your eye out for Cody Townsend’s new Salomon El Dictator.

Now that spring has rolled around, I’m going to yank the STH 16 bindings off them, throw on some AT bindings, and make the Salomon Czar‘s my backountry weapon of choice for a few months. Good times ahead.

As for next season, if it’s anywhere near as epic as this past winter, I’ll definitely be giving the new El Dictator a run for their money.



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  1. DMald

     Thanks for the review. Where have you mounted yours? I mounted mine on the Progressive line and hated them. I’m currently getting them remounted on the Classic line.

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