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It’s not every day you catch Doglotion correspondents romping about in tights, let alone talking about how ‘supportive’ they are. If this sounds like the beginning of a soft-core porno to you, you’re not alone. This might just be your lucky season, because our tights wearing habits have just increased. Only catch is, they’ll be burried under some baggy pants. Sorry ladies.

We’ve been giving the Opedix S1 ski tights, or ‘knee support system’, a run for their money, with all sorts of surprises to report. Were they supportive? Oh the photo prank potential here is too good to be true.

But what are they for? We’ll let Opedix explain it best:

"Using proprietary fabrics designed specifically for comfort and support, the Opedix Knee Support System utilizes a patent-pending anchor and sling design to provide support to the outside of the knee, which reduces the amount of damaging outward movement and decreases the stresses or “load” on the knee joint."

Cheesey as it sounds, how many skiers don’t winge about their knees? Hell I was just talking on the phone today about 4 people who blew their knees a few weeks back. And how many epic pow days end without you thrashing your knees and quads to the bitter end?

OK, ya ya, what did we think of them? Well, kinda like dating a girl that’s waaay too young for you… hot, makes you feel younger, imrpoves your stamina, embarassing to talk about, awkward when seen together in public, and irritating after 10+ hours of togetherness.

In other words, you’re asking for trouble if you’re wearing them for an end-of-day backcountry hike & ski followed by 2 hours at apres. Taking them off was almost as good as taking my boots off.

But they were awesome for skiing hard on the resort, and would be a killer choice for competition skiing or racing. I hit Whistler’s heaviest powder day of the year in them, and I think these things actually work. That or I’m rad, it’s such a grey area.

For extra style points, don’t where pants over top. Dare you.


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