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Jackpot. Been looking for an uber-light layer for spring/summer touring missions, and it just fell on our laps. Does that sound too over-eager for a gear review intro? Maybe, but it’s true, or we wouldn’t have written it. I really have been pumped to find a layer like this, and the Transition jacket nailed it.

What’s so great about it? It cuts the wind and light rain or mist here ‘n there, but doesn’t add any weight or warmth when you don’t want it. So you can tour up a peak in just your t-shirt and suffer wind burn and sun burn, or just throw this on. Andre pretty much lived in it during our summer skiing missions on the Cascade Volcanoes, from valley to summit. That says something right there, when it gets you through 7000 ft of elevation change.

Some of the Highlights:

  • Good fit, works as inner or outer
  • Good mobility, seems plenty flexible. Likely a good climbing layer too.
  • If it was any lighter it woudn’t exist

Things to Improve:

  • Don’t really have any for this one. Pretty basic piece, and does what it needs to

Mountain Hardwear Transition Jacket Put to Use

Andre taking it all the way up Mt Rainier. Me burning my arms at the other end of the rope.

And back down again…


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