Gear Review – Mountain Hardwear Bazuka Glove with Outdry

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Yep, our first 10 out of 10 gear review. Kinda like the Nadia Comaneci of the ski glove world, but, um, different. Simply put, the Mountain Hardwear Bazuka gloves are the best gloves I’ve ever had, by a long shot. They’re also most likely the first gloves I’ll keep for more than a season without using duct tape.

OutDry Technology

Mountain Hardwear has been hyping their new laminate, the OutDry® Waterproof Technology, and we had to find  out what it was all about. Mountain Hardwear explains…

"OutDry® Waterproof Technology: extremely waterproof, totally windproof. The OutDry® membrane is directly bonded to the glove’s outer shell, eliminating the ability for wind and water to penetrate through the sewn seams of the shell, keeping hands warmer."

We put the gloves to the test in Whistler’s gnarly winter weather, and go figure, Mountain Hardwear was right. We’ve skied these gloves in everything that Whistler could possibly throw at a skier, which covers pretty much anything that any mountain can throw at a skier. Minus 20 degrees for several weeks, preceeded and followed by warm, wet, heavy rain, snow and slush – and all was good in the Bazuka gloves. Worth $200 CAD? Yep. Or don’t believe us, and buy 4 pairs of $80 gloves instead.

Their Moment of Glory

Their shining moment to date was on a disgustingly wet rain/snow day up at Paul Ridge in Squamish…  Several of my ski touring buddies were caught on film wringing their gloves out with streams of water oozing out. Tough dudes. Meanwhile the leather on my Bazuka had absorbed a bit of water, and that’s about it.

Beyond the Water Proofing

While the waterproofness of gloves is one of the biggest wins for any skier in the Pacific North West, there’s more to any given glove. What else do these Bazuka gloves have going for it? Well their warm, and held their own during that cold spell Whistler had at the start of this season (unlike everything else I was wearing, oops, needed more layers). So long story short, they’re a winter glove. For spring and summer skiing you’ll want something thinner for sure, or always pack a light pair of touring gloves for the way up. For more of a do everything glove, check out the Spearhead Glove instead.

They’re also pretty damn durable as far as we can tell. I’m on about day 20 with them and there’s no signs of them letting up. I did punch a rock, and while my thumb was less-than-happy with me, I was stoked to have such tough gloves with closed cell foam padding on the knuckles and back of the hand. I might have saved my climbing season right then and there.

I’ll put a hundred dollar bill on the table right now saying I’ll still have these next season. Until then, I’ll keep abusing them for 100+ more ski days and see how we go!


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