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G3 Bonesaw Vs Chainsaw – Fight!

The G3 Bonesaw is nearing its 10-year anniversary of being known as the standard in a reliable snowsaw. With a 35 cm cutting surface and a 47 cm overall length, it’s big enough to cut a 30×30 column (with help from increment measurements on the blade), but still small enough to fit into almost any pack. The bonesaw also comes with two straps to attach it to a ski pole or shovel handle so you can trim a cornice or cut a Rutshblock. This saw has sharp durable teeth that can even be used for cutting a few branches off your favourite line.

But in the last 10 years why have we seen no more improvements? What is the next technological advance for the snowsaw?

So the question remains: Can the G3 snowsaw stand up to the best saws on the market? Check out the video below for some ideas on the future of snow saws.


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