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If you’re building a multi-ski quiver and are looking for the biggest and fattest pair you can find to slay some pow with, look no further. If you’re like bashing gates and doing twinky turns, stop reading this review.

It’s been dumping plenty of snow at Whistler Blackcomb these days – heavy snow – making it the perfect time to give these new Black Diamond Megawatt skis some test runs. And I’m glad I did.

Sweet in the Pow…

These fatties just destroyed the pow and chop. With dimensions like these 153-125-130 (188 cm) you know you’re in good hands on a pow day. Gone are the days of me leaning way back in heavy West Coast pow or deep champagne… with these huge rockered tips you can keep an agressive stance just like you would in hardpack, confident that your tips aren’t going to dive. The girth and early rise also make for awesome slash turns and high-speed butters in the pow to dump speed or get on track for the next feature you want to hit.

As For the Crud and Hardpack…

Unlike other mega fat’s, these aren’t reverse camber, so you’ve still got plenty of ski to work with when the pow runs out and it gets hard pack. It’s got a nice stiff tail too so you can really open them up.  BUT, this is not an every day ski. Despite the zero camber, this is still a huge ski with lots of rocker, so it inevitably rides squirrelly and chattery on hardpack and chop. If you’re looking for a one-ski quiver, check out the new award-winning Black Diamond Justice instead. It’s narrower underfoot and apparently skis way better as an all-arounder.

What Goes Up…

Black Diamond is all about backcountrhy exploration, so in fair style we mounted this pair or Megawatts with some Marker Duke AT bindings and grabbed some Black Diamond Split Skins, making for a pretty bad-ass backcountry set up. Sure it’s beefy and heavy as hell, but that’s mostly the bindings.  For a ski of this size it’s pretty light (4.7kg), so touring is doable. Again, go for the Justice if you want a more reasonable touring set up.

The skis and skins toured easily, but after some yo-yo’ing the split skins were reluctant to stick. We’ll get those dialled with some better glue, and should be off to the races for some good slackcountry and backcountry days. As for multi-day missions, again I’d probably leave these beasts behind and grab the Justice instead.

Mounting Tips…

Here’s the deal. Immediately after I mounted my skis, a bunch of people on the Megawatts started telling me they’d mounted them 3-5cm in front of the mounting line! Ooops, didn’t get the memo.  At first I was totally bummed and ready for a re-mount, but after a few more days on them, they’re skiing pretty well in the traditional stance. That said, it does feel like a hell of a lot of tip, so do me a favour and atleast consider mounting them a bit forward if you really want to maximize that more progressive, powder schmeering goodness that these skis have to offer.

And here’s a clip made by some rippin’ BD athletes, the same week that I was kicking myself for not having mounted the Megawatt’s yet!


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