180s Storm ST Glove Review

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Now that it’s closer to spring, we’ve finally had a chance to give our 180s womens gloves a shot.

For the cost they’re great value, and seem like pretty skookum spring ski gloves. Nice and lightweight, easy to get on and off, all that fun stuff. They’re not all that warm, but hey, they’re spring gloves… they’re not meant to be warm.

At first we were thrown off because they didn’t always work with iPhones (bummer!) but then we realized they weren’t meant to be iPhone compatible (ah voila!). Instead, the little Tec Touch finger tip just makes it easier to use phones, iPod’s, etc, without big fat fingered glove finger tips.

Sure it sounds gimmicky, but if it doesn’t impact the performance of the glove (and it doesn’t) then hell you’d think every resort glove would have it. So props to 180s for adding it.

Overall the gloves basically worked as well as any other pair of gloves, so consider the Tec Touch an added bonus if you resort ski with your phones or electronics. Try a pair out…


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