Gear Grab of the Week: Mountain Hardwear Trekkin™ Flannel Shacket

They had us at ‘Shacket’! I mean really, a comfortable and super casual shirt that’s secretly a jacket? Hells ya. Add the flannel factor and it’s full of win. I’m not one to get very excited about new clothes, unless it’s edible and a hot chick is wearing it. When I first tried on Mountain Hardwear’s Trekkin Flannel Shacket I was working outside and in an un-heated garage, and my Shacket didn’t come off until I went to sleep. Even then it only came off so it could get some rest before another big day of being worn.

To sum it up, its that non-jacket jacket you always want when it’s too nice to wear a jacket and too cold to strutt around topless.

The secret ingredients? We’re not scientists, but it seems like 1 part flannel radness + microfleece liner warmth + Wick.Q and polyester to keep you dry = pure gold.

Am I getting a little too excited about this layer? Maybe. But I haven’t come across any good edible garments lately so the Trekkin Flannel jumped pretty fast to the top of the list.

Retail: $100 CAD
Buy Online:


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