Garrett Capel | 2018


The Rocky Mountain talent factory has a tendency to pump out seriously good shredders.

It’s been happening for years. Just look at the way those beastly mountains have shaped guys like Hoji, Andrew Sheppard, Chris Rubens, Andrew Hardingham and a host of dark horses who you’ve likely never heard of.

There’s just something in the hardpack there, a magic force that hones people’s skills.

And now there’s a new generation of rippers coming from the Bow Valley, kids who turned heads on the competition circuit and are now busting out onto the backcountry freeride scene.

The brothers and sister Kapel, born and bred in Lake Louise, are the embodiment of the next wave of progression. Keegan’s the oldest, Garret’s in the middle, and Gemma’s the youngest.

(And their parents rip too eh!)

Noah Maisonet‘s another shredder from that next generation.

And let’s not forget those Backcountry Moms.

In any event, this season edit from Garret shows what happens when Rocky Mountain talent meets the deep pow of Interior BC.



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