Gaper Day XX Hits Blackcomb This May 21 2018

It’s been an epic winter in Whistler. But the best day of the season hasn’t even happened yet.
The 20th Gaper Day in the history of Gaper Days is happening on Monday, May 21st, 2018.

Be there.

Doglotion will be co-hosting a pre-game break and après party at The HandleBar, in the Upper Village – with some extra special happenings this year. The HandleBar has teamed up with Coast Mountain to create Gaper Juice, a hazy session ale that’s gonna taste just like spiring skiing.

It launches on Gaper Day.

Get the Event Details and Get Yo Tix.

In the meantime, a little walk down memory lane to inspire you for Monday.

We’ve broken down a few of the most important moments from last year’s highlight video:

0:14 – Gapers assemble at The HandleBar.

0:28 – The stair race is a tradition, god damnit. Be there or be square.

0:39 – The same goes for the human slalom.

1:08 – Look closely and you’ll see Jonny Law, the eccentric owner of The HandleBar, eat shit in the Zig Zag pond skim.

1:14 – Death Before Download, bitches. (Though that could be trickier this year. Construction gap anyone?)

1:39 – Jonny Law, the eccentric owner of HandleBar, flashes the Jersey Cream lift line in his hair toque and sunnies.

1:44 – Doug Mossop demonstrates the importance of having a Gaper Day outfit that matches the weather conditions.

1:51 – Perhaps the most defining moment of Gaper Day 2017 was Eric Hjorleifson, on a pair of Sled Dogs, applying the face brakes on lower Zig Zag.

That’s what Gaper Day is all about.

2:04 – The best day of the season gets celebrated at The HandleBar.






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