Gaper Day 2016 Returns To The Darkside May 30


Gapers, unite. After some soul searching and pond skimming madness over on Whistler Mountain last seasons, Gapers get to return to the promised land this season with Gaper Day 2016 going down on Blackcomb Mountain, this coming Monday May 30 – aka the last day of the season.

After such an epic winter we were worried there would be too much snow for a proper Gaper Day, but then Mother Nature came to the rescue with 6 weeks of record-breaking hot temperatures, priming the slopes for an all-you-can-eat buffet of grass skiing, dirt scratching, rock grinding and more.

Sure the Gaper Day phenomena has spread far and wide through the ski community, and crept its way earlier into the winter – April 1 at most resorts. But that’s for pussy’s who can’t wait until late May. Here in Whistler, where one of the last chair lifts in North America is still spinning, we’re going to end the season with a bang.

Bust out your quirkiest Gaper costumes, dull your edges, de-tune your bases, do some stretches, watch old Gaper Day movies for inspiration, then come out to Blackcomb on May 30th. Be there, and be afraid.


WHEN: Monday May 30

MEET: 11am, Merlins Patio

WHAT: If you had to ask that, there’s no hope for you.

AFTER PARTY: At this point it’s safe to bet we’ll all invade Merlins at the end of the day. If that plan evolves we’ll post it here.

And now for a little inspiration…



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