Gaff Squaw 2016 – MSP Director Scott Gaffney Slays his Home Terrain

Ok, so the guy’s pushing 50, so we can forgive the song choice on Scott Gaffney’s 2015-16 edit, especially because he still shreds harder than about roughly 99% of the skiers and snowboarders out there.

As one of the directors for Matchstick Productions, he’s usually the one behind the lens and in front of the computer in the editing bay.

But it’s nice to know that if the “athletes” are blowing it out in the field, Gaffney can step in as a stuntcock.

And as one of Shane McConkey’s longtime friends, he’s one of the guys who manages to carry a little bit of Shane’s unmatched ability to make the mountains as fun as they can possibly be.

Check the edit…


“After 45 years of skiing, I’ve found that one way to avoid monotony is by loosening your bindings and dropping into a fairly legit line.”

– Scott Gaffney



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