The FWT has Landed at Kicking Horse

So here it is…..the big show.

On the slopes of Kicking Horse Mountain Resort.

While the ski and snowboard media has been hyperfocused on Revelstoke, BC in the last few years, a lot of people have forgotten the blow-your-hair-back terrain that surrounds Golden,BC.

The Purcell Mountains are the real deal, and there’s a strong freeride culture that thrives in their shadows.

So it’s only fitting that the FWT has chosen Kicking Horse Mountain for their second stop of the 2018 competitive season.

The tour actually just got “skunked” in Japan (those bastards) and they weren’t able to hold the event due to snow safety concerns.

She was too deep eh!

That means that if the conditions allow, they might actually stage two separate events at Kicking Horse.

Here’s what the conditions looked like for local shredder Drew Wittstock yesterday:

Excellent work Drew…

…just outstanding.

The waiting period goes from Feb.3rd-Feb.9th…..Here’s the forecast leading up to it:


There are are a few Canadians to keep an eye on in the competition:

Hopefully it all comes together out there and we get to see some of the world’s best freeriders tackle some of North America’s best terrain.

Either way, it looks like they’ll be shredding some powdies.



Keep your eyes on the FWT website for updates, and keep it locked on for the Pulitzer-worthy reporting that you’ve come to expect from our team.


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