Fog Proof – ABOM Goggles – Gifts to Give’r Day 2

If you can wear beer goggles at aprés, then can you wear ski goggles in a sauna? OK nobody ever asked that question, but nevertheless, we’ve got you covered.

This winter started off with one hell of a storm in BC, dumping 4+ feet of snow in 4 days. Snow was in ‘yo face, falling from the sky, up your jacket, you name it. There was no escaping it, and it was deeeeep. If you leaned forward just slightly, you were going for a header into the snow. Goggles were going down left, right and centre, including mine and a few homies I was skiing with. With our morning botched by foggy, wet goggles, we were forced to free-ball it and shred the next lap without goggles.

And then it happened. I got home from the hill and new fog-proof goggles from Abom had just arrived. How’s that for timing? For the rest of the week, I ate as much snow as I could and enjoyed squeaky clear vision all day. Just a wee bit of nerdy redemption after blowing it with foggy goggles earlier in the week.


So what are they? Abom says they’re the world’s first snow goggle with active anti-fog technology. Basically it’s like a car’s window defroster. The technology works by heating up a transparent film that sits between the two-part lens to evaporate fog and keep it away for up to six hours. It’s powered by a small lithium ion battery that’s built into the goggle frame.

The best part? You get to warm up your eyeballs while you’re doing it. True story. All you have to do is hit the little button on the frame, then a blue light turns on to confirm it’s defogging. Later an orange light hinted the battery was running low, or at least that’s my layman’s assumption of what an orange light would mean. Maybe it was just telling me I was skiing too damn fast.

**UPDATE: Sure I ski fast as hell, but that’s not what the orange light means. Here’s the skinny… If you hit the button once quickly, the blue light will turn on and the goggles will power on for 10 minutes on a fairly high-heat setting to blast the fog. If you hold the button down a touch longer, the amber light will come on which means they’re in the “always on” mode, so they will stay on for up to six hours and the heat will be maintained at a lower level.   I’ll give it a try now that the storms are back.

Gotta admit this is the first time my goggles have com with a USB chord and instruction manual.

Gotta admit this is the first time my goggles have com with a USB chord and instruction manual.

They fit well with a toque, felt a bit clunky with one of my helmet combos, but otherwise are a good fit all around. They’re not yet the sexiest goggles available, but that might have just been the lumen yellow lens on the pair I have. Some of the mirrored lenses are looking slick.

So if you like skiing mega deep pow, like seeing what’s in front of you, and like supporting newish companies outta Oregon, give these guys a try. As for the sauna trick, I’ll try it out this week and report back.

Face shots for days.

Face shots for days. No problem.


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