Wide Eyed Wednesday's Are Back – Bushy, Big Mtns & More


"Summer" seems to be here, so we're back with our weekly "Wide Eyed Wednesday's" column, bringing you the best ski related news and eye-candy for you to feast on.

Bushy Splashin'

First up, local Squamish based shred-star Rory Bushfield has graced the pages of sites like "The Hollywood Gossip" for winning the Splash reality TV series! We'd show you the video, but hey it seems to be unavailable in Canada (must have been an X-Rated dive). So instead here's the 'Best of Bushfield' which is no doubt way more rad anyways.

Mt Monmouth

Just when we were getting comfortable with the 30 degree weather and the summer sports, ready to pack up our skis for good, Blake Jorgenson was cheeky enough to blog about this mouth watering sled-accessed ski trip that he and bunch of Whistler/Pemberton dudes were out on. Click the link or the poached image thumbnails below to see the real deal on his site.

KC Deane Gettin' Barrelled

Skiers have been eating up this edit this week. It kicks off with some gnarly avalanche footage (play safe out there amigos) the dives deep into some Japanese pow pow. Enjoy.

Contour POV 2013 from KC Deane on Vimeo.


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