Thee Festival – TWSSF Whistler 2012


When you do get to hang out with the likes of: Ian Macintosh, JP Acclaim, Janina Kuzma, Tessa Treadway, Rachel Burks, Mike Berard, Mitch Scott, Izzy Lynch, Tatum Monod, Robin O’neil, Jossi wells, Megan Gunning, Anthony Bonello, Nicholas Techirob, Les Anthony, Dave Short, Sarah Frood, Mike Douglas, Eric Hjorleifson, Austin Ross, Callum Pettit, Christian Lusti, Jill Young, Davey Barr, Julia Murry, Chris Turpin, Matty Richard, Dave Treadway, Zoya Lynch, Russell Dalby, Peter Velisek, KC Dean, Jen Hudak, Molly Baker, Zack Giffin…..

The answer, Whistler Ski and Snowboard festival.

The week long event provides the perfect stomping grounds for an exuberant amount of partying, events, dinners at sushi village, live music, skiing, friendships and mingling with the top dogs of the ski industry.
Some personal highlights of the event:

The Mountain Culture Variety Show
The renowned Kootenay Mountain Culture Magazine spread it’s wings and went coastal. Reading Coast Mountain Culture is like diving into the roots and soul of what is really happening with people, places and issue on the coast. This past Sunday the magazine went 3D and interactive with the enugural “Variety show” at the Whistler Ski and snowboard festival.  A highly accredited presenter list gathered to share slideshows, films, comedy acts and speaking presentations in efforts to raise money for the spearhead traverse.  The stage was graced by Johnny ‘”foon “ Chilton, Sherpas Cinema, Sterling Lorence, Chris Christie, Jordan Manley, Robin O’Neil, Anthony Bonello, Nicholas Techirob, Leslie Anthony. The sense of  community in Whistler shone through and a space was provided for local artist to share their passions for an amazing cause – the Spearhead Huts Project.
Voluez film crew strikes gold, again.  The rules are simple, film crews have seven days to shoot, edit and produce a 5-7 minute short film and 85% has to be filmed on snow. No stranger to video competitions the Voluez media house wow everyone with there comedic spoof on Art of Flight. There $15,000 cheque was on display as they donated 10% back into partying that night at the Longhorn bar.


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