Sled Ridin’, Meat Huckin’ Babe? The Tatum Monod Profile


It is safe to say there aren’t many things more awesome in this world than seeing some dude completely shred the mountain, do a couple back flips, and then pull off his helmet revealing long shiny hair… only to make us realize that this so called dude is a smoking hot chick.

In recent years girls’ skiing has been making a huge impact on the mountain world and tricking us into thinking they are dudes. Female rippers are showing up all over magazines, the internet, and movies more and more. One of these up and coming ladies is making a significant impact, notably for her huge double back flip that she threw at Retallack last year.

21 year old Tatum Monod is a face to watch out for in the years to come. A true Alberta girl relocated to Whistler, Tatum is a truck drivin’, sled ridin’, meat huckin’ bad ass shredder that could probably shotgun a beer faster than you with her hands tide behind her back, oh and did I mention she’s gorgeous? Read on if you want to hear more about this gal.

Tatum Monod Interview – by Jill Young

J: Hey Tatum! Do you think the day we can stop talking about womens’ skiing as a separate category is the day we know chicks are finally good enough to be equal in the ski world?

Tatum: Hey! Well, talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words so I just try and let my skiing speak for itself. I think the majority of women appreciate all the confidence they can get, so whatever it takes, if hyping up womens’ skiing is going to get more girls out there then I’m all for it.

J: Ok, lets stop talking about it… because we both know chicks rule. How’s the beginning of the season going, what have you been up to?

Tatum: I’ve been up riding Whistler Blackcomb as much as possible, just trying to get my ski legs underneath me. Also, been doing some shooting with Rossi in the backcountry. This is a fun time of year to just enjoy some turns with friends.

J: What did you ask Santa to bring you for Christmas? Will you be skiing the busy slopes of Whistler or home for the holidays?

Tatum: I asked Santa for some more powder days! I will be skiing around Whistler, Banff and into the backcountry over the holidays

J: Looks like the pow is here! Any big trips in the planned for after Christmas-will we be seeing you through the eyes of a fancy camera soon?

Tatum: I really hope so! I feel like everything is there for me right now, I’m ready to show the cameras what I’ve got. I have a few little projects and plans up my sleeve, I like to have a busy schedule.

J: Nice, can’t wait to see what happens! Ok, enough of that ski talk, lets get serious here…Would you ever date a boy that couldn’t keep up with you on the mountain? I know I wouldn’t.

Tatum: Maybe if he was exceptionally good at something else I would cut him some slack, otherwise no way.

J: Hah that’s fair… like snowboarding. Where do you get all your pretty outerwear from?!

Tatum: I get my gear from Orage, I am so stoked to be signed with them, they kill it in the outwear department! I also ride for Rossignol, Smith, Soul Poles, BCA, Whistler Blackcomb and Monod Sports.

J: Nice, I love Monod sports! Sooo, do you have any crushes?

Tatum: Girl crushing on Brita Sigourney right now, just watched her win the dew tour and she’s sexy too go Brita!

J: Ooh I will have to google her. Park girls are badass! Ok, for getting down on the dance floor, Banff or whistler?

Tatum: I struggle with this question, I refuse to decide

J: Beer or wine?

Tatum: Whiskey

J: Yum. Will we find you at the Longhorn in Whistler again next summer?

Tatum: Probably, stop by for a bulldog!

J: Will do! The last question is a big one. Rumor has it you’re a domestic goddess, if you could only bake one thing for the rest of your life what would it be and who would you share it with?

Tatum: I love to bake but other than that I am the probably the most un domestic lady on the planet. I would bake banana bread because it’s good at breakfast, lunch, and desert I would probably share it with my awesome friend Annie Mathieu.

J: Good call. Thanks Tay. Have a great season skier babe!

Tatum: You too!


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