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Skiing Baffin Island Part III – Final Video & Resources


We've already told the story, but here's the final Operation Baffin Island webisode, along with some details and resources for trip planning.



Special Thanks

Big shout outs to my awesome pregnant wife for encouraging this trip, Mountain Hardwear for making sweet gear, Grant & Mike for the kites, the whole crew for planning the trip and letting me poach it, my folks for keeping it real, Natalie & Crystal for Clyde River hospitality second-to-none, and to Kees Brenninkmeyer up there in the clouds for teaching me how to kite and proving that bitterly cold winter ski trips are actually worth it.

Route Maps

Someone else on the trip was doing most of the GPS waypoints, but with Google Earth I was able to get a pretty good idea of where each of the lines were. Mark Synott's book has most of these with waypoints, except for 'Misery Loves Company', 'Toilet Bowl', 'Stumps Line', and 'Citadel Secret', the lines we nicknamed for lack of real names if they have them.


Getting There: If you're Canadian, fly on Aerpolan points! It's an awesome loop-hole in the system. It only costs 25,000 points like other Canadian flights, but otherwise costs about $3000 to get there and back from Vancouver. Clyder River has daily flights from Iqaluit, NU, which has lots of flights from Ottawa, ON.

Food: Don't plan on buying any food in Clyde River apart from some fresh stuff like cream cheese and butter. The food prices are crazy, and best avoided.

Guide/Transfer:  There is only really one operation that presents itself as a guiding/logistics service, but there are several local fisherman who are willing to take you out into the fjords for a fee, provided you know where you're going and what you're doing. The snowmobile/komatik ride from Clyde River was about 5.5 hours to our first camp at the Walker Citadel. If we find contact details for 'Thomas' who drove us, we'll post it here.

Books: Check out Mark Synott's book Baffin Island: Climbing Trekking & Skiing. It's mostly a climbing book, but is a good starter resource for skiers as well.

Other Articles & Videos: Check out Baffin Island Part 1 and Baffin Island Part 2 for more pics, info, and videos.


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