Scot Schmidt Vs. Skinny Skis… Fight


OK, a head to head comparison, a battle royal, Scot Schmidt vs. Skinny Skis. Why? We just watched this sweet Powder TV throwback video, and we couldn't get enough of Schmidt or the Skinny Skis, both were priceless. They were both awesome in their time, both were big in the 90's, both make beautiful alliterations, and, ok, you get the point. But which was better?

Extreme Factor – Back in the day, Schmidt pretty much defined extreme, he might have even invented the word. But in 2012, anything done with skinny skis is automatically extreme, because they're so frickin hard to ski. Guess that's 1 point for Schmidt, cause he defined extreme AND did it on skinny skis.

Big Ass Hip Checks – Schmidt definitely knew a thing or two about hip-checking landings, but skinny skis takes this round for sure. Skinny skis can claim credit for thousands of skiers hip-checking world wide for decades. Hell, I'm still doing it to this day… can't teach an old dog new tricks. 1 point for Skinny Skis.

Getting the Chicks – We're pretty sure this one goes to Schmidt, cause he was THE MAN on the scene for a while there. Skinny skis, on the other hand, just make you ski like an idea, decreasing the chance of a chick wanting to sleep with you. 1 point for Schmidt.

Weight and Packability – This might be the only thing skinny skis were EVER good for. They were light and skinny, so you could cram 4 pairs into that little hole between the seats and still seat 4 skiers in our car. Can't say the same for Scot. 1 point for Skinny Skis. Tie game so far.

Longevity – Well, the 90's are over, and what can we say, nobody talks about either of them. Shame, they were both legends. No points awarded.

Awesomeness Factor – This one's a trump card, winner takes all. Sure there's some good aspects of skinny skis listed above, but all in all, they still suck balls, and Scott Schmidt is a legend. So really, this debate just abruptly ended, Scott Schmidt takes the win.

BUT, there's still some unanswered questions. Why in gods name didn't Schmidt outlive the skinny skis? He could have. All he had to do was pick up a pair of super old-school rockered fat skis, or even those huge heli skis that people were mounting off center back in the day. I mean, how hard was it to figure out after a lifetime of skiing pow that fat skis would be better and more fun than skinny skis?


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  1. benjamin nothing

    What are you talking about, no one talks about Scot Schmidt?!?!?! You just wrote an article on him, legends never die bro!
    …and why didn’t he outlive the skinny ski? Because you can only be the best skier in the world for so long, and it wasn’t until after his extreme career that true fat skis were invented in the early 00’s by Shane McConkey, another legend R.I.P.

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