Salomon's Freeski Line Up Lookin Sweet! Rocker2 115, Guardian 16, Quest 120

The Salomon Freeski booth was definitely one of the highlights of SIA 2012. For one, Salomon knows how to have a good time. So much that Ryan Weese had almost lost is voice, but still agreed to give me a video tour of the new gear. Secondly, he didn't shove the door in my face when the camera batteries died one after another, and thirdly, oh ya, the new gear looks sweeeet!

Salomon 12/13 Freeride Skis

Riding on the successs of last winter's Rocker2 launch, Salomon figured, "Hey, why not make even more of them!"

Now almost the whole freeski line up is called, you guessed it, Rocker2, with varying dimensions accompanying the name. The Rocker2 122 is the ski you know and love from this season. The same (similar) ski is now available as a Rocker2 108, which should turn that powder beast into a really fun all mountain ripper.

But the ski I'm most excited about? Do you even need to ask? The Rocker2 115, with its 'sweet spot' width under foot and less rocker in the tail, pretty much makes this a go to big mountain slayer for places like Whistler.

Salomon 12/13 Freeride/AT Boot & Binding

The skis weren't the only exciting toys at the Salomon booth. The new Salomon Quest 120 boot looks like a solid alpine boot with a walk mode and good sole grip; I'm sure we'll be seeing plenty of these on the mountain next year.

But the real show stopper, the moment you've all been waiting for… finally a new AT binding for alpine boots: the Salomon Guardian 16. It's lower than the it's frame binding competitors, and if you ask me it clearly beats the Fritschi in terms of downhill ski performance, and clearly beats the Marker Duke in terms of useability. You can switch between tour/ski mode without taking your boot out…, hell that's more than you can say for Dynafit's with brakes! More info and intro video about the Salomon Guardian 16 on

But here comes the really good part. The real reason the Salomon Freeski booth was one of the highlights of SIA 2012… is that I walked away with new skis and bindings! Watch out world. Full videos and reviews of the Guardian 16 and Rocker2 115 coming soon.


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