Salomon Quest Max 120 Review– The Perfect Post-Apocalyptic Footwear

If you remember the 1995 box office flop Waterworld, you’ll know the true value of what Salomon is doing here. Waterworld was set post-apocalypse where global warming melted the polar ice caps, flooded the earth and dry land couldn’t be found. Kevin Costner played a global traveler in search of big peaks – the only place dry land could possibly be. So in this futuristic film, what did he have on his feet when exploring big mountains? A pair of Salomon SX-92 rear entry ski boots.

To commemorate surviving the 2012 predicted apocalypse, Salomon has recreated their flagship peak-hunter footwear. The Salomon Quest Max is designed to be the one boot go-and-get-everything tool. Unlike many others with a walk mode, this one isn’t a lightweight touring boot built up to handle resort pounding, but the exact opposite. Salomon used their race and freeride technology to design a high performance hill boot, then added a walk mode and some rubber on the sole.

This is the ideal boot for slackcountry ski tourers, patrollers, race coaches, ski guides, and anyone else who spends most their time skiing downhill, but also has to walk or stand around looking like they’re working. The walk mode allows you to straighten your legs when doing tasks around the resort or having a bigger stride when you’re touring. The tour mode isn’t comparable to some of the more randonnee-focused boots, but again, this boot is born from the race/freeride womb, so it’s a little heavier and more performance oriented, even sporting an oversized pivot for better power transfer and a race-fit liner. A bonus for those who want this boot, but don’t have the Salomon foot, the boot’s last (the lower part) is heat moldable, to give it better fit and comfort for any shape of foot.

Lastly, a little bird may have told me we’ll see tech inserts available for the toe and heel as an aftermarket purchase. Now you can use the same boot to ski the terrain park and the National Park. This further shows this can be the one boot to do it all – pretty good on the uphill, and really good on the downhill. So, if you want a hill charger, slack country, sled-ski, work boot, this is for you, but don’t just throw it on out of the box. Make sure you get the last heat-moulded for optimum comfort. And a race-fit liner is usually a cold liner. If you easily get cold feet, trade it for an Intuition liner, which will lighten the boot up a little more. I also put in a spoiler and heel lifts to make the cuff angle more similar to Salomon’s Ghost boot.

This boot gets you up there, but is all about the decline, much like Waterworld was for Costner’s career. Born out of the Waterworld and remade for the Whitewater-world – for the futuristic post-apocalyptic peak hunter, look no further than the Salomon Quest Max 120.

Action figures sold separately.

For more on the boot, check out Salomon's video. We'll make our own once we have more time on snow. PS, we're pretty sure Rubens means you nolonger need 2 pairs of boots when travelling. If he really only travels with 1 boot, then that guy is even more talented than we thought!


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