Rossignol Soul 7 Ski & All Track 130 Boot – 2014 Gear Sneak Peek #1

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Tradeshows are wrapped up, and we've had our fair share of schmoozing and perving on next year's gear. We'll be comin' out with new 2014 ski gear sneak peek's every couple days. First up, Rossignol and their much-hyped revamped 7 Series – leading with the all-new Soul 7.

Is it hype or reality? We don't really know as we haven't tried the skis yet, but have to admit they look pretty cool. The S7 really and truly opened a LOT of peoples' eyes to the awesomeness of more progressive camber lines and shapes. Thumbs up! Now lets hope the new 7 series makes just as big a wave.

What do we like about these skis? Well, since everyone and their dog is into slackcountry freeriding right now (Doglotion posse included), we're stoked to see more alpine brands focusing on lightening up the weight their skis.

That AirTip technology looks pimp! It'd be interesting to compare it to Salomon's honeycomb tip as well as other lightweight tip options like G3 and Kastle, to see if this Airtip thing is revolutionary or not. But damn it looks cool!

Here's a few other features that Rossignol is excited about…

PowderTurn Rocker – Newly redesigned to deliver even more versatility and superior floatation. A longer, more progressively rockered tip minimizes “tip flap” in variable snow and hardpack while the tapered, more powerful tail drops into soft snow, enhancing floatation and providing effortless steering with instant speed control. Traditional camber underfoot delivers power, energy and edge grip for groomed snow performance.

Light Core – All-new ultra-lightweight Paulownia wood core with Race Department Diago Fiber laminate combines with the Air Tip to reduce overall ski weight by 20%, enhancing maneuverability and touring capabilities, with no compromise in downhill performance.

Rossignol will also be offering pre-cut skins.

Oh, and a new All Track 130 Touring boot! Dig in. Looks like they've acknowledged that important connection between the top cuff and the bottom of the boot, so hopefully it skis like a real alpine boot.


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